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The first step that any supplier should take in seeking opportunities to do business with Kinross is to register with the Kinross Supplier Portal. The Kinross Supplier Portal is a confidential database that suppliers can use to register their interest in selling products and services to Kinross and that Kinross uses to manage certain aspects of our relationship with our suppliers.

Kinross's global, regional and local supply chain organizations use the Kinross Supplier Portal to identify potential sources of supply for the products and services that they buy. By registering with Kinross, you will make your company's name and supply capabilities widely known to our company.

During the registration process you will be asked to create a profile about your company and acknowledge the Kinross Supplier Standards of Conduct.

If your company registers with Kinross and there's a need for the type of products or services you provide, a Kinross supply chain professional can then contact you to explore potential opportunities.

If there's no immediate opportunity for engagement (as sometimes happens), the information that you provide will remain in Kinross' confidential database for as long as you continue visiting the Kinross Supplier Portal to keep your company's information up to date.

Please note that registering your company with the Kinross Supplier Portal does not automatically place your company on a "bidder's list," nor does it constitute approval of your company as a Kinross supplier or obligate Kinross to solicit quotations from you.

If you are interested in supplying goods or providing services to our company, please register with us by selecting the "Register Now" button on the login page or click here.


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Quick guide for existing suppliers
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